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Cllr. Guss O' Connell elected Mayor of South Dublin County Council

Cllr. Guss O' Connell elected Mayor of South Dublin County Council

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At the Annual Meeting of South Dublin County Council held on Friday 24th June, 2016 in County Hall, Tallaght, Councillor Guss O’ Connell (IND) representing the Lucan/Palmerstown electoral area was elected Mayor of South Dublin County.

Tributes were paid to the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Sarah Holland and Deputy Mayor Francis Noel Duffy, who thanked their fellow Councillors, Chief Executive, Daniel McLoughlin and the management and staff of the Council for their help and support during their term in office.

Councillor O’ Connell was proposed for Mayor by Councillor Paul Gogarty (IND) and was seconded by Councillor Danny O’Brien (SF)

Following a roll call vote Councillor O’ Connell was deemed elected to the Office of Mayor.

Mayor O’ Connell in his acceptance speech said “I am deeply honoured to be elected as Mayor and First Citizen of South Dublin County.” He added “during my term of office I want to focus on community, in this our centenary year of 1916, I want to give expression to that part of the proclamation that states, we will cherish all our children equally”. This is not only about young people but about all persons living in our Republic irrespective of creed, colour or allegiance”

Mayor O’ Connell then outlined his priorities for his year in office which will include the theme of ‘Celebrating Community’ with a strong focus on those in our County who are marginalised especially those with a disability, ethnic minorities and older persons.

Mayor O’ Connell concluded his speech by stating that “South Dublin County has a very rich spread of people from different backgrounds and cultures.  I am glad to note that both indigenous and immigrant people play a full and active role in society.  It’s our job as public representatives to provide the leadership that will enable our communities to be fully integrated and enjoy the quality of live that they deserve. I will make myself available during my term as Mayor to do just that and I look forward to doing so with the full support of all Councillors”

Councillor Martina Genockey (LAB) representing the Tallaght South Electoral Area was elected Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Genockey was proposed as Deputy Mayor by Councillor Mick Duff (LAB) and seconded by Councillor Liona O’Toole (IND)  



The following councillors were elected as Chairs of the Area Committees:

Councillor Jonathan Graham (SF)                    Clondalkin

Councillor Liona O’Toole (IND)                        Lucan

Councillor Paul Foley (FF)                      Templeogue/ Terenure/Rathfarnham

Councillor Brendan Ferron (SF)                        Tallaght


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  • Mayor Guss O'Connell and Deputy Mayor Martina Genockey
    Mayor Guss O'Connell and Deputy Mayor Martina Genockey

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