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Creative Ireland 2017

Creative Ireland 2017

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South Dublin Press Release

Two new Cultural Awards announced for 2017

“The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire country to get involved in something truly inspirational”

The Creative Ireland Programme is the Government’s Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016.

A five year initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which places creativity at the centre of public policy. The Programme offers a very real opportunity to reinforce the proud tradition we have in South County Dublin in fostering and promoting creativity within the Arts & Culture. This collaborative process will surface new opportunities for community engagement, participation and creative development.

As part of the Creative Ireland South Dublin Culture and Creativity Plan, a number of initiatives are planned and agreed using the Creative Ireland funds, allocated to South County Dublin. The first which took place on Easter Monday was:

  • Crinniu na Cásca

    South Dublin County focused on Tallaght as a Creative Hub with a full programme of events throughout the day. The programme marked a first collaboration in curating a programme by five of the County’s Cultural organisations: Tallaght Community Arts, Rua Red, the Civic Theatre, South Dublin Libraries and South Dublin Arts Office.

We now wish to announce the following two awards, which are open for application:

  • Artist & Creatives Collaborative Practice Award (Amount of Award is €15,000)

    This 2017 initiative seeks to support an artist or creative in any discipline in their collaborative practice. The successful proposal will have both a professional development element and a community element to it. It will engage with one or all three of the cultural venues in Tallaght and will have access to mentoring opportunities by these venues.

  • Emerging Arts Group Incubation Award (Amount of Award is €5,000)

    The Culture team wishes to support collectives/groups of emerging young artists and creatives in any discipline, to develop their practice and to promote their presence as a creative and recognisable voice in the County.

Application forms are available on:

Completed applications should be sent

Closing date for applications 1st September 2017 at 1pm.



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