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Pitch Playability for w/e 18th/ 19th November 17

Pitch Playability for w/e 18th/ 19th November 17

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Pitches in the SDCC area for week ending 18th/19th November 2017 are PLAYABLE subject to referee’s inspection, except for the following pitches which are unplayable:


  • Hermitage open Space                                       Pitch 20

  • Collinstown Park                                                 Pitch 31

  • Beech Park Open Space                                     Pitch 15

  • Quarryvale Park                                                  Pitch 23

  • Clondalkin Community Centre                           Pitch 47, Pitch 50 GAA

  • Corkagh Park                                                       Pitch 53, Pitch 58, Pitch 60


All Teams Are Reminded To Clear Up Any Litter Left On Pitches After Each Game

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