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***Amendment*** - SDCC Pitch Playability week ending 8th and 9th December 2018

***Amendment*** - SDCC Pitch Playability week ending 8th and 9th December 2018

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Pitches in the SDCC area for the week ending 8th and 9th December 2018 are Playable subject to referees inspection, EXCEPT for the following pitches which are unplayable;


Castle Park                                                          No. 43                                   Off

Knockmitten                                                      No. 44,45 & 46                   Off

Clondalkin Community Centre                   No. 47 & 50                         Off

Corkagh Park                                                     No. 54                                   Off

Ballymount                                                         No. 94                                   Off

Saggart/Rathcoole                                           All  Pitches                          Off

Greenhills Park                                                 No. 154, 155 & 164           Off

Cherryfield                                                         All Pitches                           Off

Delaford                                                              All Pitches                           Off

Castlefield                                                           All Pitches                           Off

Knocklyon Park                                                 All Pitches                           Off

Woodstown                                                       All Pitches                           Off

Elkwood                                                               All Pitches                           Off



All Teams are Reminded to Clear Up Any Litter Left on Pitches After Each Game


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