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Catherine Fulvio's Summer Cookery Demonstration for Outdoor Dining & BBQing tips for Reducing Food Waste

Catherine Fulvio's Summer Cookery Demonstration for Outdoor Dining & BBQing tips for Reducing Food Waste

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Catherine Fulvio will host a Summer Cookery Demonstration which has been sponsored by a number of local authorities, to show you how to make the most of BBQs without food waste this summer. Preparing more food than can be eaten is a waste and not just of food, but of your own time and money. BBQs can often result in a huge amount of wasted food. With more people choosing to BBQ and dine outdoors this summer, Catherine shows how with a little bit of preparation and planning, you can cook an amazing BBQ for your guests while producing less food waste and taking some pressure off you as a host.

Food waste can soar in the summer, as temperatures rise it can be trickierto stop food spoiling especially as a BBQ can go on for a whole afternoon or evening.  Around a third of all food produced is wasted and Irish households produce over 250,000 tonnes of food waste per year, at a cost of €700 per household.

 Fionnghuala Ryan, Environmental Awareness Officer, South Dublin County Council says “It is worth considering food waste contributes significantly to climate change. Growing, processing, packaging and transporting of food uses energy and resources, and then when we throw food away it rots and releases yet more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So we are excited to have celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio involved in this campaign giving her tips and advice on how to enjoy Summer BBQs with some good food management tips to reduce food waste, save money and help the planet.”

Catherine Fulvio is delighted to be involved as reducing food waste is something that she holds close to her heart.  “In this collaboration I am delighted to have teamed up a total of fourteen county councils to host a cookery demonstration sharing some easy delicious recipes and helpful hints on how to make the most of your food when having a BBQ this summer and to avoid food waste.” 

My first golden rule when hosting a BBQ or outdoor summer dining is to think about how many people I will be entertaining and to plan the menu to ensure I have just enough food to satisfy all my guests. To enhance my guests’ overall experience I ensure they enjoy the food at it’s best; fresh from the fridge or hot off the BBQ!”

Catherine will have lots of hacks, ideas and recipe suggestions to share in her Cookery Demonstration which will premier on Thursday 17th June at 8pm on on your Local Authority facebook page and on the StopFoodWaste page.






For media inquiries or to arrange an interview contact: Fionnghuala Ryan, Climate Change and Environmental Awareness Officer at South Dublin County Council.







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This is campaign is sponsored by:

Carlow County Council

Cork County Council

Donegal County Council

Dublin City County Council

Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown

Fingal County Council

Kildare County Council

Kilkenny County Council

Laois County Council

Longford County Council

Roscommon County Council

South Dublin County Council

Westmeath County Council

Wicklow County Council



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