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Special Meeting of County Council 18/08/05 Agenda

18/08/2005 00:00
Council Chamber
Standing Orders:


Mot (1)

Submitted by:
Colm Tyndall,Councillor C. Jones,Councillor C. King,Councillor J. Daly,Councillor J. Hannon,Councillor M. Corr,Councillor T. Gilligan
Eamon Cunningham

The Mayor Councillor Therese Ridge, on foot of requisition signed by more than five Members and submitted in accordance with Section 6(c) of Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 2001, has called a special meeting of the Council at 3.30 p.m. on Thursday 18th August in the Council Chamber to discuss the following motion:

"That the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council calls a special meeting within seven days, to discuss the serious road problems which are in Rathcoole and surrounding area, which have become a serious threat to life."

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