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New Application
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Gary Smith
Site to side of 23, Carrigmore View, Aylesbury, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Proposed Development:
Two semi-detached, 3 bed houses with attic study and rooflights to rear, PV panels to front roof, new vehicular access & car parking in front gardens and associated works.
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Received File Type
20/09/2017 Acknowledgement Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Application A4 Documents
Cert of exemption
Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Application(Letter)
Schedule of documents
Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Elevations/Sections Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Layout/Block Plans
Existing & proposed
Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Plans
Proposed house plans & elevations
Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Site Notice Adobe PDF
20/09/2017 Water/Drainage Drawings Adobe PDF
11/10/2017 Consultee Reports (Internal/External)
Adobe PDF
20/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
G. Hickey
Adobe PDF
23/10/2017 Consultee Reports (Internal/External)
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
C. Smith
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
J. Gannon
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
A. Dillon
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
Wm. Gardner
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
A. Keane
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 3rd Party Submissions
Y. Heffernan
Adobe PDF
24/10/2017 Site Notice Inspection, Fee Sheet, Validation Forms Adobe PDF
26/10/2017 Consultee Reports (Internal/External)
Water Services
Adobe PDF
02/11/2017 Consultee Reports (Internal/External)
Irish Water
Adobe PDF
13/11/2017 Manager's Orders Adobe PDF
13/11/2017 Notification of Decision
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF
15/11/2017 3rd Party notified Adobe PDF
09/01/2018 Final Grant Adobe PDF

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