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New Application
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Dáire & Romaine Nolan
16, Oakcourt Park, Palmerstown, Dublin 20
Proposed Development:
Demolition of existing shed attached to the rear; replace with extension to existing 2 storey dwelling; adjustment to existing first floor; 'Velux' roof windows on southeast elevation to new dormer style storey and a half roof and windows; additional high level 'Velux' windows to northwest elevation roof.
Decision Due:


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Received File Type
13/10/2021 Acknowledgement / Validation Letter Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Application - Cover Letter
& Doc schedule
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Application Form - Part A Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Elevations
& Sections x 4
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Elevations
& Sections proposed x 4
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Floor Plans
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Floor Plans
& Roof proposed
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Newspaper Notice Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Plans, Sections, Elevations
ex roof
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Site Layout Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Site Layout
Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Site location map Adobe PDF
13/10/2021 Site Notice Adobe PDF

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