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SDZ Application
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New Application
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Castlethorn Construction
Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin.
Proposed Development:
Change of use of part of unit 3 (c.44 sqm) of previously permitted Reg. Ref. SDZ06A/12 and SDZ07A/0009, mixed use development at Castlegate Hall from its approved use as a retail unit to use as a cafe. The c.44sqm of floorspace will be used as additional floorspace for the approved cafe at unit 4 of the same scheme. Total cafe floorspace resulting from the proposal will be c.146 sqm and a commensurate reduction in retail floorspace of unit 3 from c.98sqm to c.56sqm will result. No alterations are proposed to the approved elevations. The development relates to internal reconfiguration only. No alterations are proposed to access and car parking arrangements, all on a site of c. 0.0202 hectares at Units 3 & 4, Castlegate Hall, Station Road, Adamstown, Co. Dublin. This application is being made in accordance with the provisions of the Adamstown Planning Scheme 2003, as amended by Variation No. 1. The development will take place entirely within the boundaries of Adamstown Strategic Development Zone as defined by Statutory Instrument No. 272 of 2001
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Received File Type
01/08/2008 Acknowledgement
SDCC ack letter
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Application A4 Documents
schedule of documents
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Application(Letter)
architects letter
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Elevations
+site location map
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Layout/Block Plans
site plan
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Site Location Map
+site layout & floor plans
Adobe PDF
01/08/2008 Site Notice Adobe PDF
12/08/2008 Site Notice Inspection, Fee Sheet, Validation Forms Adobe PDF
24/09/2008 Manager's Orders
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF
24/09/2008 Notification of Decision
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF

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