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SDZ Application
Submission Type:
New Application
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Mr Seamus Griffin
Unit 1 of the mixed use development at, The Corner Of Adamstown Avenue And Adamstown, Station Access Road, Adamstown, Lucan, Co Dublin
Proposed Development:
Development involving the change of use of previously approved Planning Permission (SDZ06A/12) of existing retail unit to retail unit with ancillary off licence (35m.sq. in total). The development will take place entirely within the boundaries of the adamstown strategic development zone as defined by statutory instrucment no 272 of 2001.
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Received File Type
18/08/2008 Acknowledgement Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Application(Letter)
Architects Letter
Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Application(Letter)
Letter of Consent
Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Application(Letter)
Sch of Plans
Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Elevations Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Floor Plans Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Layout/Block Plans Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
18/08/2008 Site Notice Adobe PDF
16/09/2008 3rd Party Submissions
Lucan Planning Council Ltd
Adobe PDF
19/09/2008 3rd Party Submissions
Wm. Lavelle, Fine Gael
Adobe PDF
09/10/2008 3rd Party notified
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF
09/10/2008 Manager's Orders
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF
09/10/2008 Notification of Decision
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF

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