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SDZ Application
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New Application
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Maplewood Developments
Adamstown Drive, Dodsborough, Lucan, Co. Dublin
Proposed Development:
Temporary works to approved road known as Adamstown Drive, as previously approved under Reg. Ref. SDZ05A/2, pending full completion of the roadway. The proposed temporary works will consist of the provision of a temporary 2.5m wide shared cycleway and footpath on the northern road edge and a 1.25m on/off road cycleway on the southern road edge, between the R120 (Newcastle Road) junction and The Paddocks. The development also includes for temporary associated signage along Adamstown Drive and for the full completion of approved road known as Adamstown Drive, in accordance with plans and particulars approved under Reg. Ref. SDZ05A/2 and all associated site development and infrastructural works, all on lands at Dodsborough, Lucan, Co. Dublin, which forms part of Development Areas 2 (Somerton) and 3 (Airlie Stud) of the Adamstown Strategic Development Zone Planning Scheme. This application is being made in accordance with the provisions of the Adamstown Planning Scheme 2003. The lands fall entirely within the boundaries of Adamstown Strategic Development Zone as defined by Statutory Instrument No. 272 of 2001.
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03/02/2009 Acknowledgement Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Application(Letter) Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Landscape Plans Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Plans
Proposed 3year application
Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Plans
Proposed 3year application
Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Sections
typical cross section
Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Site Notice Adobe PDF
03/02/2009 Site Notice Adobe PDF
03/03/2009 Consultee Reports (Internal/External)
Adobe PDF
10/03/2009 Site Notice Inspection, Fee Sheet, Validation Forms Adobe PDF
19/03/2009 Manager's Orders
Grant Permission
Adobe PDF
19/03/2009 Notification of Decision
Grant Permission
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