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SDZ Application
Submission Type:
New Application
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Castlethorn Construction
Block 5, Adamstown Square 2, Lucan, Co. Dublin.
Proposed Development:
Retention permission with respect to finishing works carried out on an existing 3 storey apartment building comprising of 9 no. apartments in Adamstown Square that was substantially completed in accordance with Planning Permission Reg. Ref. SDZ06A/13. The subject of this retention application relates to facade fenestration, external brickwork and internal fit-out works that were executed subsequent to the expiry of planning permission; all finishing works have been carried out in accordance with the original permitted scheme with the exception of the omission of a small north-facing window to the kitchen/dining area of three apartments. The application relates to a site of c. 348 sq.m adjoining a terrace of existing housing at Stratton Walk and is located at the northwest corner of the junction of Stratton Walk and Stratton Grove. This applicaiton is being made in accordance with the provisions of the Adamstown Planning Scheme 2003 as amended and is within the boundaries of the Adamstown Strategic Development Zone.
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Received File Type
29/10/2013 Application(Form/Letter) Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Application(Letter)
Agents Letter
Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Application(Letter)
Agents Drawing Schedule
Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Floor/Elevations/Sections Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Plans
Site Plan 1
Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Plans
Site Plan 2
Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Plans
Estate Plan
Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Sections Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Site Location Map Adobe PDF
29/10/2013 Site Notice Adobe PDF
06/11/2013 Acknowledgement Adobe PDF
11/12/2013 Manager's Orders
Grant per mission
Adobe PDF
11/12/2013 Notification of Decision
Grant permission
Adobe PDF
12/12/2013 3rd Party Submissions
Lucan Area comm.meeting
Adobe PDF

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