South Dublin County Council



Rates are a local property tax,the income from which is used to fund the general provision of services throughout the county. Rates do not represent payment for any particular service provided to any specific ratepayer. Rates are payable on commercial/industrial properties and some other non-domestic properties.

Rates are calculated by multiplying the rateable valuation of a property, as determined by the Commissioner of Valuation, by the Annual Rate on Valuation (formerly known as the rate in the pound) which is determined every year by the elected members of the Council at the Annual Budget meeting which is usually held in November/December of the preceding year.

For example:

(a) Rateable Valuation:



(b) Annual Rate on Valuation for 2007



(c) Annual Rates payable in 2007 (a) X (b)

€10,000.00 X 0.165 =


Requests to value new properties or revise existing properties are forwarded to the Commissioner of Valuation each month either by the Council, or by the ratepayer concerned. The Commissioner's decisions are published in the Valuation List from time to time, and the valuations in force at the time of adoption of the Council's Annual Budget are used to calculate the rates for that year.An appeals procedure exists for persons aggrieved by the Commissioner's decision.

Rates are payable in two equal instalments, the first on demand and the second on or before July 1st.

A monthly Direct Debit facility is also available.

For a statement of account, or any other query, email