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Ethiopian Partnership Project - Visit of Dr Jember Teferra, to Council Chamber – Thursday 29th Octob

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Archived on 10/11/2009

Visit of Dr Jember Teferra, Founder, Coordinator & Fundraiser of the Integrated Holistic Approach – Urban Development Project to South Dublin County – Thursday 29th October 2009 at 11.30am.

The Integrated Holistic Approach – Urban Development Project is a community-based slum clearance and community development project based in Addis Ababa.

This project has been given significant aid totalling €55,000 to the end of 2008 by the South Dublin County Ethiopian Partnership Project towards the constructions of a condominium block housing 36 slum-dwelling families.

These families were moved in 2007 to temporary accommodation while the condominium block was constructed on land formerly occupied by their slum dwellings. Many family members secured training in construction skills and were given employment on the construction works. The SDCEPP contribution to date has been funded exclusively by contributions from staff and councillors of SDCC through a payroll deduction scheme.

The block has been completed and occupied in August 2009. The following is a message sent at that time by the Project Coordinator to the various funders:

It is with great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment that we inform you of the completion of the condominium building that IHA-UDP constructed for the poorest of the poor community members of our target area – this we had to do following the new policy for the city of building vertically. We would like to inform you that IHA-UDP is the only NGO in the city that ventured to go into such an endeavour (in fact the few NGOs that were involved in housing in the past have all withdrawn at the moment).

The inaugural ceremony for our first condominium building was held on Saturday morning, August 8, 2009 in the presence of the Chief Executive of Kirkos Sub-City as the guest-of-honour, other government and Kebele officials, the 40 household beneficiaries, Neighborhood Group representatives of the Extension Project, International Donor representative, the staff of IHA-UDP, the community representatives and the staff of CBISDO and AHISDO – all in all, about 150 guests were present.

It is a ground plus 4-story building composed of 20 one-bedroom apartments and 20 studio flats and has taken 21 months to complete it. Although each one has a private toilet and kitchen, other communal facilities are built within the compound outside the building. This is done to prevent sanitation problems recorded with other condominiums in the city partly due to lack of water pressure to go up, the need of some families to use traditional method of cooking by using fire wood, and slaughtering sheep and chicken for Ethiopian holidays. These facilities are 8 communal latrines (1 for 5 households), 10 communal kitchens (1 for 4 families), 2 dry showers, 6 cloth washing stands, a slaughterhouse and a communal water post.

Those who contributed towards our housing programmes may well remember all the policy issues and the land problems which dragged our work behind. The cost of building material increasing, in some cases 2 – 300% has also doubled the original budget estimate (e.g. cement which cost 95 – 100 Birr in 2006 now cost 400 – 500 birr). Therefore the total cost of the building came to Birr 5,539,295.74 and various donors from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Finland donated this. The breakdown of the total cost and the amount raised is attached herewith.

A few pictures showing the ceremony are attached herewith. On behalf of the beneficiaries, the community at large and the staff of IHA-UDP, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you all and especially to those who directly contributed for changing the lives of the poorest of the poor community members.

With kind regards,


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Dr Jember Teferra is making a business trip to the UK this month and has arranged to visit South Dublin County on the morning of Thursday 29th October 2009 to meet with councillors and staff to update them on progress and thank them for their continuing support.

It has been agreed with Mayor Mick Duff that Dr Jember will be received in the Council Chamber at 11.30am to make a presentation to councillors and staff.

I hope you will be able to attend this presentation to mark a unique venture undertaken by staff and Councillors of this local authority to alleviate the hardship of the poorest of the poor in this slum area of Addis Ababa.

For further information and to confirm whether you are able to attend, please contact Abe Jacob, Project Coordinator on 086-2344014 or .

Further information on the South Dublin County – Ethiopian Partnership Project is to be found on the project website More information on the Integrated Holistic Approach – Urban Development Project can be sourced from a link from our website.

I hope you will be able to attend to hear this remarkable woman talk about her work with the poorest of the poor in the slums of Addis Ababa.

Abe Jacob, Project Coordinator

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