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AXA Roadsafe Roadshow

AXA Roadsafe Roadshow

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AXA Roadsafe Roadshow

Transition year students

Driving a car in real life is not a computer game where you get a chance to reload

Yesterday, the AXA Roadsafe Roadshow in partnership with South Dublin County Council delivered a hard-hitting road safety message to 650 Transition Year students from South Dublin.

The AXA Roadsafe Roadshow is aimed primarily at Transition Year students in Secondary Schools and is based on an award-winning format and depicts graphically how a night out can end in tragedy.

Using a backdrop of contemporary music, video clips and television advertisements; the story was told by Garda David Barron, Paramedic Tony Kelly and Fire Officer Trevor Hunt.

The show culminated in a presentation by a local father Leo Lieghio who lost his daughter Marsia, twelve years ago in a hit and run in Clondalkin. Marsia was sixteen years old at the time and was knocked down at a set of pedestrian lights. Leo told the students about the raw grief he and his family have had to suffer since that terrible day.

Antoinette McDonald, Director, Partner and Customer Experience Directorat AXA Insurance commented: "As one of the largest insurance companies in Ireland, we deal with hundreds of claims every week as a result of traffic collisions. The effects are well documented - too many people are being killed on our roads or are being injured for life. These are real life stories of people who deal with the needless carnage caused by speed, drink and drugs on Irish roads and the show brings home the pain caused by unnecessary road crashes and the impact on people and how it has changed their lives forever. The way they are presented will help young novice drivers and other young road users understand why, for everyone's sake, it is better to be alive and late, rather than dead on time”

In 2018, 149 people lost their lives on our roads and 1,000 were left seriously injured. Almost two thirds of fatalities have been drivers or passengers, and one fifth of these were not wearing seat belts at time of the accidents. In South Dublin alone one person lost their life in 2018.

This year, 18 people have lost their lives on our roads, this is an increase of two fatalities for this time last year. Every road death is one too many.



Image left to right:

Garda Dave Barron

Advanced Paramedic Tony Kelly

Fire Office Trevor Hunt

Leo Leghio – bereaved father

Mayor Mark Ward

William Sparkes AXA Insurance LTD.


Notes to Editors

This is a show where real life tragedies played out on stage and has been specifically designed to appeal to young people in its treatment in the very serious issue of road safety.

The event, it is hoped, will make the young people attending stop and think about the seriousness of safety when driving on the road, and they will become responsible drivers in the future.

Young people attending the event were given the opportunity to listen to the personal experiences of representatives of our emergency services which included a Garda, a fireman, a paramedic, a surgeon, and a parent who has lost a loved one following a road crash. These experiences are shocking.


Contact in South Dublin County Council: Ally Menary 086 7808374





  • Image 1 - AXA Roadshow
    Image 1 - AXA Roadshow

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